Freebies & Tools

Here are some incredibly useful free tools that we have gathered on to one page for your convenience.

Network Scanner v6.0.7

Fast and easy to use multi-threaded IPv4/IPv6 scanner with a modern interface and many advanced features.

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FileExile v2.00

A must have utility that allows you to remove stubborn directories and files that cannot be removed by other means either because the path is too long, the name is invalid, or any of other errors that can be incurred upon file or directory deletion.

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WirelessKey View v1.71

Another handy utility that can recover all wireless network security keys/passwords (WEP/WPA) stored in your computer.

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Disk2VHD v2.01

An invaluable utility that allows you to create a virtual image of your physical disk (VHD file) whilst your system is online.

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Suite of well known and powerful command-line utilities for administering windows operating systems.

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Lan Shutdown v3.0.2

One click application to remotely shutdown or reboot a remote computer.

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Putty v0.65

Lightweight open-source Telnet and SSH client for Windows and Unix platforms, also includes an xterm terminal emulator.

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Please note that we are not the authors of the above applications and are providing these applications for free under GPL. We are not responsible for any loss or damage casued by these applications.