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Networking & Integration

The decisions businesses make regarding their networks have far-reaching security implications. Ultimately, what all businesses are looking for is ample connectivity without compromising on security. Access should be easy for some, and impossible for others.

Our team is able to offer vendor neutral advice which is aimed at helping your company build a fully-functional networking and security infrastructure. Understanding the specific needs of your company, we’re on hand to help plan and implement your ideal network.

At AIA, we’re dedicated to providing solutions which are tailored to your company. By working closely with your business, we’re able to provide air-tight security solutions which are affordable and easy to use. Here’s a taste of the networking and integration services we offer at AIA.

Network Planning & Design

The creation of a network can be a tricky business, with numerous aspects vying for priority. Too often, security is allowed to fall down the list, with businesses tending to fall into one of two camps: those who over-provision as they’re unclear of their own security needs, and those who under-provision as they do not understand the risks.

Vendors themselves are often keen to push ‘one size fits all’ solutions, which are ill-suited to many businesses’ needs. The problem here is clear: either businesses are paying too much for needlessly complex systems, or they are left with stark vulnerabilities throughout their network. Our bespoke network planning is designed to place your company in the middle ground – with the right level of security for the right price.

Our experienced team can help you with network design at every step of the way. We’re on hand to assess your current system, to find bottlenecks at the design stage and then to help you implement the new technology we recommend.

We’re also looking to your company’s future, getting it right from day one. By future proofing your network, we’ll make it easy for you to upgrade to new technologies like SIP and WLAN extensions. We also provide an opportunity for lower rates on network planning when combined with our core service management. Give us a call today to discuss your specific needs.

Infrastructure Design & Review

Infrastructure design is complex stuff, a fact which leads a lot of companies to cut corners. The combination of physical and virtual infrastructures is one common example of an area in which businesses shy away from powerful cross-breed solutions due to their complexity.

As a result of the complexity, small businesses often opt for the industry standard when it comes to infrastructure, favouring catch-all proprietary solutions over open-source alternatives which might be more well suited to their needs. With so much on the table, it’s easy to see why smaller firms can go in search of help, but at AIA we believe that this help should be right for you.

Our team of experts is here to offer valuable, neutral advice throughout the infrastructure design process. We’re open to the use of open-source software, which can simultaneously save firms money and prove tailor-made solutions.

As well as helping your company find their best fit, AIA’s team can help you to follow what we believe to be the most secure practices. In addition to this, we will conduct regular audits to ensure that the infrastructure continues to meet your needs as a business. We’ll also provide guidance and support through the migration process as you move to new systems. Get in touch today to see what we can do for your infrastructure.

ICT Strategy & Roadmap

Security and technology isn’t only about concrete services. At AIA, we believe it’s also important to discuss and understand the approaches which different businesses take towards ICT and security. While our team of experts has plenty of experience in the field, we believe that the best route to an effective ICT strategy lies in creating an open dialogue with your company’s senior management.

Our strategy and road-mapping services are designed to work closely with your core values as a business. We believe that a thorough and well devised strategy is key to obtaining the highest levels of return on any investment you make in your IT security services. Drop us a line to find out more about what we do for your ICT strategy.

Cloud Integration

Making the move to the cloud can be hugely profitable for small businesses. Not only can cloud integration save vast amounts of time in and around the office, but it can also help to reduce costs. The draw for small and medium sized businesses towards the cloud is understandably strong, but this can lead many to rush the move.

The common mistake made by companies who rush the move to the cloud is to settle early on for a public cloud solution with shared tenancy. In truth, this decision carries with it a number of considerable security risks, with increased opportunity for data loss and loss of control. Moving between cloud providers can be a costly business. That’s why at AIA, we believe in getting it right first time.

Our team can help you decide what’s right for your business – a public, private or hybrid cloud type. We can also help choosing between IaaS, PaaS and SaaS models. We will conduct regular audits which allow you to understand the security status of your cloud provider, ensuring safety well into the future. We’re also able to implement private, open-source solutions which are tailored to your own business needs.

If you’re looking to make the move to the cloud, or have already done so and are concerned about security, get in touch with our team at AIA today.