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Penetration Testing

It’s one thing knowing that you have security systems in place, but it’s quite another to know just how tough they are. Penetration testing is a thorough and comprehensive means of establishing how secure your systems are, and where any vulnerabilities lie.

Our penetration testing services see our experts employing a number of techniques designed to determine the strength of your system. From hacking your network to testing the applications your company uses, our penetration services are aimed at exposing flaws in your IT system, allowing for a swift transition to be made to an air-tight system.

Looking at both your company’s systems and the people who run them, we are always keen to ensure that the services you receive are tailored precisely to your needs. Below are some details on some of our most common penetration tests.

Inside Out Hacking

Insider attacks are surprisingly common, and the risk of damage is invariably high. The difficulty for most companies is that it can be hard to differentiate between normal and malicious activity. The task of maintaining a secure system with various levels of access, whereby the ease of use is not compromised, is not an easy one.

Our inside-out hacking service does precisely what it say on the tin – hacking your company from within your own network. The purpose of this is to simulate an attack from an insider, and to determine the extent to which they are able to breach your security. This might include escalating their own privileges or bypassing firewall rules.

At the same time as carrying out an attack, AIA will also be testing how easy it is to evade detection. The results will be analysed comprehensively, allowing vulnerabilities to be identified and solutions to be found. Speak to AIA today to take steps towards making your internal network more secure.

Outside In Hacking

Not only is outside-in hacking one of the most realistic threats to your security, it can also pose the biggest problem. With your public facing services under attack, damage to your reputation and immediate loss of revenue are very real concerns.

This service involves our experts at AIA seeking to hack your company’s computer systems through your own internet connection, thus determining any exploitable vulnerabilities.

This series of tests will also allow us to identify the wrongful availability of any ports and services which should not be accessible from the internet. The results can be used to harden your public facing services.

Cloud Penetration Testing

When used wisely, the cloud can be an invaluable tool for small businesses. The trouble is that cloud providers rarely make their security capabilities clear. What’s more – these multitenant environments are not at all easy for businesses themselves to penetration test.

Engaging on your behalf with your cloud provider, AIA is able to provide penetration testing services which are tailored to your own cloud services. This includes an assessment of your current configuration. Our expertise covers all IaaS, PaaS and SaaS systems, allowing us to test access vulnerabilities and determine your susceptibility to unauthorised data access.

As always, the results or our penetration tests will be used to tighten your security measures. If your business is using cloud services, or is thinking about doing so, be sure to speak to AIA about security.

Social Engineering Campaigns

Not all cyber-threats are as technologically advanced as they sound. Social engineering remains one of the most common threats to businesses as a result of its low cost and resource efficiency. While it might sound simple, it can actually be incredibly difficult for users to differentiate between real and fake sites. The sheer variety of social engineering tactics also makes thethreat a difficult one to predict.

AIA works to create possible scenarios in which your staff members might be tricked into divulging sensitive information. Our process is particularly effective as it can be used to target specific departments or systems within your company.

Our strategy doesn’t stop at finding vulnerable areas of your staff and software. Instead, AIA is able to educate staff member on specific threats – concentrating on how to identify social engineering, and how to deal with it. Get in touch with AIA todayto understand what your company can do to combat the threat of social engineering.

Mobile Application Security

Mobile apps can provide a window into your business which helps you to establish a meaningful relationship with staff, clients and customers alike. However, the rush for businesses to keep up with the pace of the mobile world can sometimes get in the way of security, and that open window can soon let in a cool, unwanted breeze.

At AIA, we test all mobile apps by looking at the bigger picture. Following OWASP methodology, we look not only at the app itself, but also at the surrounding infrastructure.

By reviewing both iOS and Android source code and analysing your runtime environment and back-end services, we can ensure that any outstanding vulnerabilities are swiftly dealt with. If you’re in the process of having an app developed, speak to AIA about our ability to run thorough tests on everything from validation testing to cryptography implementation.

Wireless Security Testing

Just like the cloud, wireless networks are often a backbone of modern businesses, but they can also become the route of significant vulnerabilities if not properly managed. For the sake of ease, companies often fail to separate guest and corporate traffic. In some cases, wireless security settings are simply misconfigured.

Our wireless security penetration tests range from attempts to crack your wireless password to the accessing of sensitive corporate servers. These tests are designed to uncover any hidden points of access to your network

Our goal is to provide a fully functioning wireless network for your company which maintains the highest level of security without making any compromises in terms of usability. Call us today to see what this means for you.

Web Application Security

Often, web applications are left in the hands of developers. In the rush to meet their development cycle, this means that security isn’t always a top priority. Where web applications are allowed to pass through the firewall without sufficient inspection,there is ample opportunity for a conduit for cyber attacks.

For many businesses, the threat posed by web applications isn’t immediately clear. It’s not unusual, for example, for organisations to have no idea of the number of applications which might be running at any one time on their domain. It’s no surprise, therefore, that web applications are a common in-road for cyber attacks.

As always, at AIA we are able to provide penetration testing which is tailored to your company’s needs.Using OWASP methodology,we’re able to test both negative and positive security requirements of your applications. Get in touch today to arrange for usto take a look at your websites and their hosted applications.