• How much does your reputation mean to you?

Reputation & Data Leakage

Data leakage is a serious threat which leads to drastic financial losses for those companies which do not take it into consideration. At AIA, we believe this to be a question of when, not if.

Taking steps to reduce the risk of reputation damage and data leakage can be twice as costly when left to the last minute. We seek to work with businesses to put measures in place before they are needed. This is not only the most effective approach with regard to security, but it is also invariably the most cost-effective route for our customers.

Below are a number of services we provide which can help to reduce the risk of data leakage and damage to your company’s reputation.

Phishing Site Monitoring & Takedown

The creation of cloned, fraudulent websites has become a near daily occurrence for many businesses in the UK. Indeed, a huge percentage of the average web user’s email inbox now consists of spam and phishing attempts. Needless to say, the existence of such sites spells nothing but bad news for company and customer alike.

At AIA, we take a pro-active approach to phishing sites. Not only do we strive to find, report and remove fraudulent websites as soon as possible, but we also work to design email filtering and protection systems to help keep you and your customers safe.

Setting your company up for the future, we provide training for your staff which will include keeping them up to date with the latest threats and techniques. From day one one, we’re here to help. Get in touch with AIA today to discuss your options.

Online Reputation Monitoring

The monitoring of online reputation is something which many companies overlook altogether. One reason for this is that it’s difficult to know whose job it is, spanning IT, HR and Legal departments. The concern is that with the boundaries blurring between employee’s personal posts online and the position of the company, the issue of online reputation monitoring is fast becoming more pressing than ever.

Our first port of call is to design a policy which can prevent harmful incidents from occurring altogether. Alongside these policies, our team will also implement scripts and automation to gather content continually.

Our team will monitor all major social networks, keeping an eye out for content which we believe has the potential to damage your company’s reputation. Liaising with these sites, we seek to remove such content before it has a chance to cause a problem.

These practical solutions – coupled with the ongoing availability of our experienced team – are guaranteed to take care of your company’s reputation online. Speak to AIA today to get the ball rolling.

Online Data Leakage Alert

The black market remains the number one resource for data acquisition by hackers. Meanwhile, very few IT teams are actually monitoring the black market. This may be because they fear the risks involved, or simply because they lack the knowledge and/or resources to do so effectively.

At AIA, we firmly believe that black market monitoring is an essential part of taking care of your company’s security. We offer round the clock reporting, ensuring that you’re alerted to any dangers as soon as you need to be. Our vast experience also promises that any incidents will be dealt with swiftly, thereby reducing any harm done to your company.

Beyond working to remove leaked data, our team will provide thorough post-event analysis which will unearth the ‘how’ and ‘why’ behind any attack. Coupled with close monitoring of your company’s social sites, we’ll work closely with your own team to ensure that leakages do not happen. Our team is on hand today to speak in detail about how your company can take care of sensitive data.