• Is your company safe in its own hands?

Security Training

AIA’s philosophy takes the approach that you cannot defend against that which you don’t understand. That’s why our security services are built around a firm belief in training.

With our help, your business will be able to obtain a Cybersecurity Essentials badge, making you eligible for free insurance cover for up to £25,000 in the event of a security breach. Here is a summary of some of the training programmes we offer to that end.

Cyber Security Awareness Programme

When cyber attacks succeed, it is because hackers are at the cutting edge and the victims are not. It can be difficult to keep up with developments in the tech world, but the ignorance which this fact breeds is what hackers feed on. A fear of change can all too quickly result in sky-high levels of risk. At AIA, we believe that the most effective way to combat this is training.

True to its name, our cybersecurity awareness programme begins by raising employees’ awareness. This involves not only making employees aware of their responsibilities, but also noting how these translate to your company’s specific technologies. It’s important for your employees to understand the risk they pose to your business when they don’t follow protocols.

Our experienced and friendly team will work with your business on ethics and misuse training, and will be on hand to advise andguide your team as time goes on. Make a call to AIA today to discuss possibilities for bringing our awareness programme to yourworkplace.

Home & Mobile Workshop

Intelligent technology has made it possible for more people than ever to work from home, or even on the move. We can now share information in ways we never thought possible. However, this does come with its risks.

AIA’s ‘Home and Mobile Workers’ workshop is designed to train your staff members in the specific risks which face them on a daily basis. Including training in the use of VPNs and mobile apps, we work not only to highlight the risks, but also to give your staff members the knowledge they need to keep themselves and your company safe.

A large part of this workshop focuses on enabling workers to handle the split between their personal and professional lives securely. With an increasing number of people choosing to work on their own devices, it’s not unusual for security lines to becomeblurred. The workshop also looks at use of social networks, providing privacy training designed to aid both professional and personal use.

If your company employs people who work outside of the office, get in touch with our team at AIA to chat about whether this workshop could be right for your business.

Senior Management Cybersecurity Workshop

The perception that senior managers have of IT security is crucial. Typically, it can be tough for IT managers to convince senior management to finance sufficient security. Often this is because senior managers simply do not understand the importance of security and the potential consequences of a security breach.

Our Senior Management Cybersecurity Workshop is designed to educate top level managers of the dangers their companies face. We also seek to help IT teams learn how to break down recent threats and their techniques.

The AIA team will conduct scenario based cyber threat simulations in the presence of senior management. The simulation will serve both to educate managers on potential dangers and to aid their decision making when confronted with a realistic and tangible attack.

As our team is keen to work closely with your company, we believe it’s our duty to help you align security measures with your wider goals as a business. Beyond the workshop itself, our experts are always on the end of the phone, happy to discuss your concerns regarding cybersecurity.